Project Goals

The goals of the Flyways project are to:

© Eyal Bartov

© Eyal Bartov

  • Raise awareness about, and appreciation for, birds and their migration, in people along the Great Rift Valley flyway
  • Support inclusion of birds and bird migration, and associated environmental and climate change issues, in conservation planning in countries along the Great Rift Valley
  • Promote musical traditions, and individual artists, within their home countries and throughout the region and beyond; and support cultural diversity, and the creative expression of local groups and individuals, as part of efforts to celebrate landscapes, animals, and the natural environment
  • Provide an opportunity for urban-based individuals, many of whom impact the environment through influence on government planning and through resource consumption, to better appreciate their environmental and musical heritage
  • Offer the perspective of a bird’s eye view transcending artificial human boundaries and human conflict to present a new context for conservation efforts and promote cooperation across the region to protect migration routes
  • Use music and culture to promote dialogue within and between communities, in order to bring people together to address shared environmental problems

Flyways is a project of Music for the Earth, produced in collaboration with a range of partners. Music for the Earth is a non-profit organization with the mission to explore and implement ways that music can be used to enrich the lives of human beings and awaken a spirit of involvement in the preservation of wildlife, wilderness and the natural environments of the Earth.

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  • “It was a deeply moving and magical moment when you and your consort came together with the BirdLife Partnership in Buenos Aires. The music was magical, the emotions it generated were highly evocative and the passion with which your team conveyed the conservation message is quite astounding. When combined with the conservation stories embedded in your own Flyways initiative and the wider BirdLife Partnership, I think we have a phenomenal message to communicate to the world and a very powerful instrument thorough which to do it with your fantastic use of music and musicians.” - Dr. Michael Rands, then Director and Chief Executive of BirdLife International