The Republic of South Africa


South Africa is one of the most economically developed countries in Africa, where humans have had a severe impact on the natural resources. Main threats to birds include conversion of land to crops, use of insecticides, over-exploitation of marine resources, hunting, accidental and deliberate poisoning of birds on agricultural land, and development. (K.N. Barnes, D.J. Johnson, M.D. Anderson, P.B. Taylor, in Fishpool, L.D.C. and Evans, M.I., eds., 2001). The rivers and estuaries have been degraded to the extent that 9 of South Africa’s 13 bird species dependent on rivers are threatened with extinction in that country (Barnes 2000).

BirdLife South Africa is the BirdLife partner in South Africa:
African Bird Club:

Music collaborators include Pedi and Venda musicians, such as Mashashane Dinaka group from Mamabolo; and pipe (tshikona) players and dancers in Chirungwi and Thouhoundou; Mr. Tambandi (mbira); Kurai Mubaiwa (mbira), and his wife Ednas.

Our deep gratitude to the many people who have collaborated with us and assisted us in South Africa, especially to Dr. Andrew Tracey, ethnomusicologist, and Geoffrey Tracey; also to Denis Ledwaba and 
George Mhugovani.



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  • South Africa

    Size: 1,221,040 km²

    Human population: 49,991,300
    (World Bank, World Development Indicators, 2010)

    Bird species: 856
    of which 30 are globally threatened (Avibase Bird Checklists of the World)

    Important Bird Areas: 122