A primary goal of Flyways is to learn from indigenous cultures, and to build new musical collaborations. Along the length of the Great Rift bird migration route, much of the diversity of music is in decline, in the custody of a few elders, with the next generation not sufficiently interested to carry on the traditions. It is vitally important to not only document these traditions, but also help revive their vitality.

Concerts by the Great Rift Valley Orchestra around the world  help raise awareness in both urban and rural communities about birds and their migrations, as well as highlight the musical and cultural traditions. Explore our work along the flyway to learn more.

To date, musical collaborations have taken place in thirteen of the sixteen countries of the migration route (click to learn more): South Africa, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Malawi, Tanzania, Uganda, Kenya, Ethiopia, Israel, Lebanon, Turkey, Bulgaria and Russia. Literally hundreds of individual musicians have participated in the Flyways project. Meet a few of our collaborators below.

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