A few of the voices that will be included in the final Flyways composition can be sampled here:

1. Andrea Kalima of Tanzania plays the zeze (a 14-string harp) along with vocal accompaniment by Mwanaima Mrutu, also from Tanzania.

2. Oboist Paul McCandless improvises with the call of the African Fish Eagle from Uganda.

3. Andy Cooke of Uganda plays the enanga harp and sings.

4. Azat Aitkulov of the Bashkir tribe from the Ural Mountains in Russia plays on his kurai flute a song about the legend of the crane, entitled Zhuravel.

5. Azat Aitkulov on the kurai flute along with Andy Cooke on the ennanga harp.

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  • Flyways Composition

    Flyways Composition

    The Flyways composition will follow the birds’ migration from Eurasia to southern Africa, using music from Russia, Bulgaria, Turkey, Syria, Lebanon, Israel, Palestinian Authority, Egypt, Ethiopia, Uganda, Tanzania, Malawi, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, and South Africa.

    The final work will feature traditional pieces as well as improvisation, and new music created during the collaborative process. Stunning vocalizations from the birds themselves will also provide melodic themes.

    The Flyways CD will be available in 2014.